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Welcome to

Mukta BluApex Ventures


Where Dreamers Meet Doers

We believe in the power of collaboration and relentless ambition, empowering creators, entrepreneurs, and brands to achieve extraordinary success. Let's turn your ideas into reality and unlock your full potential together.

We Believe in YOU
Boundless Limitless U

It all began with a Spark

Just as a solitary bulb can pierce the darkness, an idea was kindled on the shores of innovation, its light reaching out to the vast expanses of the global marketplace. That spark ignited the birth of Mukta BluApex Ventures. Today, we stand as a beacon of opportunity, illuminating the path to personal growth, creativity, and achievement. Together, we journey beyond the horizon, where ideas become reality, and dreams take flight.

Our Ventures

We are a multi-faceted global venture. Our foundation lies in a unique blend of entrepreneurship and innovation, allowing us to break traditional boundaries and embark on uncharted territories. With a dynamic range of sub-brands under our vast umbrella, we offer a plethora of solutions and services that enhance the lifestyle, health, and personal expression of individuals across the world.

Our approach is holistic, embracing diversity, creativity, and inclusivity. We strive to provide a platform for creators to shine, health enthusiasts to thrive, and fashion aficionados to bask in the glow of our premium offerings. At the same time, our initiatives in the sphere of 3D printing and wall art make us pioneers in new-age business verticals.


Making e-com easy for the creators. From Merch Apparel to custom 3D printed products, We work to elevate the creators and service the fans.


Redefining luxury by bringing in a new aura in all our lives. Handcrafted goods made of Premium Italian Leather & Premium Eco-friendly Vegan Leather.
Elevate your lifestyle with BluAuras Handbags, Shoes, wallets and more.


BluNexus is your gateway to a brighter, healthier future. It is a trinity of wellness, each facet designed to enhance a different aspect of your life. With Stride, we guide you on your journey to peak fitness. Zen is our commitment to your holistic well-being, while Trail inspires you to reconnect with nature.


"Nexus of Opportunities, Horizon of Possibilities."
We're more than just a business conglomerate; we're a community that believes in empowering each of its members. Through BluFusion, we extend opportunities for growth to everyone with our partners, affiliates, and scouts programs, upholding our belief that growth should be a collective endeavor, not a solitary pursuit.

Earn with
The BluFusion Alliance

BluFusion logo

We are more than just a collection of diverse brands. We are a living, breathing community bound by a shared vision of growth and empowerment. We believe in the power of collective success, and in an era that celebrates individual achievement, we dare to think differently. We dare to believe that success is the sweetest when it's shared, and growth is most significant when it raises all, not just one.

At the heart of our community ethos is BluFusion, an initiative that embodies our commitment to collective prosperity. BluFusion is not just an element of our business model; it is the Nexus that connects us with our partners, affiliates, and scouts in which we extend opportunities for financial growth and personal development to our collaborators.

Partners - content creators, influencers - find in us a supportive ally who not only provides a platform for their unique merch or collaborative products but also a partner invested in their growth.

Affiliates, on the other hand, find an innovative space where they can leverage their marketing skills to earn and grow with us.

Scouts, the connectors who expand our community by bringing in more partners, affiliates, and fellow scouts, are the lifeblood of our network, helping us and themselves to thrive in the process.


We see BluFusion as an ecosystem where everyone benefits, everyone grows. We defy the notion of solitary success and instead, choose to uphold our conviction that growth is a collective endeavor. Together we can achieve more, reach higher, and create a ripple effect of success that extends beyond ourselves to the global community. That's the Mukta BluApex Ventures way.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Total Brands and Many more to Come


Affiliate & Scout's Profit Share


Fee FOREVER, We earn when you earn.


Products across the board


Countries and Regions Covered

Our Partners

I warmly invite you to the BluFusion Alliance, a nexus where ideas transform into creative opportunities and limitless potential blossoms into palpable success. The fact that you're considering joining us in this unique venture fills me with enthusiasm, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to the multifaceted programs that form the foundation of our Alliance.

At Mukta BluApex Ventures, our vision orbits around the creation of a symbiotic environment that nurtures growth and success in all its forms. The Partner, Affiliate, and Scout programs stand as a testament to this vision, serving as a robust nexus of opportunities and a horizon teeming with endless possibilities.

We eagerly anticipate you joining us in this shared journey.

Together, let's craft an unparalleled nexus and ascend toward the horizon that radiates boundless possibilities.

   To the journey ahead,

-  Priyansh Sharma
   Founder & CEO

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