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The BluFusion Alliance

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Nexus of Opportunities, Horizon Of Possibilities

I warmly welcome you to the BluFusion Alliance, a nexus where ideas transform into creative opportunities, and limitless potential blossoms into palpable success. The fact that you're considering joining us in this unique venture fills me with enthusiasm, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to the multifaceted programs that form the foundation of our Alliance.

At Mukta BluApex Ventures, our vision orbits around the creation of a symbiotic environment that nurtures growth and success in all its forms. The Partner, Affiliate, and Scout programs stand testament to this vision, serving as a robust nexus of opportunities, and a horizon teeming with endless possibilities.
We eagerly anticipate you joining us in this shared journey.

Together, let's craft an unparalleled nexus and ascend toward a horizon that radiates boundless possibilities.

   To the journey ahead,

Priyansh Sharma
Founder & CEO
M. BluApex Ventures

How Is it Beneficial to you?

We get it—before diving into a new opportunity, you want to know what's in it for you. Is there a catch, a hidden fee, or a complex contract? We believe in complete transparency and mutual benefits.

In these slides we show how each role within the BluFusion Alliance offers you unprecedented advantages.

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Partner Program: Specifically curated for independent artists and content creators, the torchbearers of imagination. Our program lends design support to qualifying applicants, enabling you to transform your vision into tangible, sellable merchandise. Even if you aren't selected for complimentary support, we won't let your creativity be stifled - we offer design services for a nominal fee of $30, which can be addressed upfront or deducted from your first month's payout.


Affiliate Program: If you are a marketer with a keen eye for identifying products that deeply connect with audiences, our Affiliate Program is a path paved for you. As an affiliate, you'll be the bridge between our unique product range and customers, earning a share of the profits from each sale attributed to your personalized affiliate link or code.

Image by Austin Distel
Image by Tim Marshall


Scouts / Referral Program: The soul of BluFusion lies in the strength of its community. Our Referral Program allows you to amplify this strength by referring potential partners, artists, content creators, affiliates, or referral scouts. Each successful referral joining our alliance with your unique code translates into a set percentage of their sales profits for you.

Payout Structure &  FAQs

Here we have put together some FAQs and Queries you might have, hopefully they will answer all your questions. Still if you need clarifications or want to know more or ask a question not mentioned here please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Monthly Payout Cycle & Terms

  • Every payout cycle begins on the 1st and concludes at the end of that month.

  • Payouts are processed within the first 3 days of the subsequent month. Do note that the actual payment time might vary depending on your chosen payout method.

  • As stated earlier, payouts are processed monthly. However, if your earnings exceed $10,000 in a month, biweekly payouts can be negotiated.

  • Regardless of whether you join on the 1st or the 29th, you're included in that month's pay cycle.

  • There's no minimum! Whether you've earned a cent, a dollar or ten grand, we'll send it your way!

Payment Methods & Processing

  • We currently facilitate payouts through Bank transfers and PayPal.

  • Our eyes are set on expanding these methods for your ease.

  • We do not impose any processing fees or other charges. Nevertheless, banks or PayPal might levy their charges or conversion fees.

  • We offer payouts in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, and INR. We aim to add more to alleviate conversion fees. For substantial payouts, we'll shoulder any conversion expenses.

Exclusivity & Restrictions

  • Affiliates and scouts are under a non-restrictive agreement. They are free to engage in promoting and working with other brands.

  • Partners can choose between exclusive and non-exclusive agreements.

  • Under the terms of our exclusive agreement, the partner agrees to exclusively market and sell their designs and products through our platform. Any prior or existing partnerships or affiliations with other brands, primarily involving non-competing products, will not impact the stipulations of this agreement.

  • Under the terms of our exclusive agreement, should a competing product emerge during the term of our partnership, our partner retains the option to endorse our product, provided their existing agreements or affiliations permit such endorsements. If they choose not to, or cannot endorse our product in light of the competition, it won't alter the terms of our agreement and there will be no adverse consequences.

  • Exclusive partners enjoy higher commissions, special offers, bonuses, and occasional gifts.

  • Non-Exclusive partners will be given basic commissions and won't be the part of Ladder system. (Exceptions applied based on contract)

  • Non-Exclusive partners can use the designs made by BluFusion for them for 20% royalty charges on every sales profit on other platforms.

Reports & Activity

  • We're developing an in-house tracking system. Until it’s live, weekly email updates with sales records will be provided for complete transparency and trust.

  • Suppose a product linked to your referral gets returned or refunded. In that case, the commission will be deducted from your current or upcoming payout and you will be notified about the same in the earliest with the sales return record for complete transparency.

Promotional Materials

  • Occasionally promotional materials will be provided to help in marketing or other efforts.

  • If we run special discounts or offers, it will be shared first with you to help in your marketing and sales effort.

  • Occasionally you can request to run private promos and offers for your audience. For instance, on your birthday or some other events

Commission Structures

  1. Partners:

    • Commissions range between 50% to 95% of total sales profit.

    • The exact percentage is determined through contract negotiations and varies based on factors such as audience size.

    • Our Ladder System (only applicable to exclusive partners) ensures that partners can see an increment of 5% to 15% in their profit share upon reaching specific sales milestones.


  2. Affiliates:

    • Typically, affiliates earn between 10% to 25% of the sales profit.

    • Some products come with a predetermined commission.

    • We also offer bonuses for our top-performing affiliates, with better rates for consistent achievers.


  3. Scouts:

    • Earn a starting commission of 10% from the sales or earnings introduced by their referred Partners, Affiliates, or other Scouts.

    • High-performing Scouts who introduce major partners can earn up to 25% of the total revenues from those referrals.

Tax Commitments

  • US Residents: You're required to file a W9 form. If your payouts exceed $600 in a tax year, you must file a 1099-NEC.

  • Non-US Residents:

  1. You should file a W8-BEN form. Tax withholding rates vary by country. 

    With specifics -
    EU - 0% , UK - 0%
    Canada - 0%, Japan - 0%, South Korea - 0%
    Australia - 5% , NZ - 5%
    Mexico - 10% , India - 15%
    Rest of the world - 30%.


  2. If no W8-BEN form is filed, a standard 30% withholding applies.

  3. Individuals may qualify for tax refunds under US tax treaties and can file Form 1040-NR for IRS refunds if over-withheld. We'll share a copy of the 1042-S form with every foreign individual.

  4. Non-US residents may be subject to taxes based on their local jurisdiction. To potentially avoid double taxation, they can use copies of the W8-BEN and 1042-S forms to seek tax refunds in their home country.

  • Minors - For individuals who joined us under 18 need to have their Parents or Guardians to file the relevant forms on their behalf.

Profit Distribution

Profit Distribution Example for 1 sale: (Please note these do not represent real values, its just an example where a partner is getting 50%)

Suppose a product we sold has -

  •  Selling Price: $75

  •  Cost: $25

  •  Profit: $50 ($75 - $25)



  1.  Affiliate’s Share: 10% of profit = $5

  2. Affiliate's Scout's Share: 10% of Affiliate's earnings = $0.50

  3. Remaining Profit : $44.50

  4. Partner's Scout's Share: 10% of the remaining profit = $4.45

  5. Final Profit Split: $40.05, divided equally between Partner and Company at $20.025 each.


  • You being a part of the Blu Community is of the utmost importance to us, if you need assistance in any matter or there are complaints you can reach out to us directly at -

  • You can also escalate your issues related to discrepancy in payments or other complaints directly to our owner at -

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