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The Partner Program: Specifically curated for independent artists and content creators, the torchbearers of imagination. Our program lends design support to qualifying applicants, enabling you to transmute your vision into tangible, sellable merchandise. Partners have the choice to be exclusive or non-exclusive with BluFusion. Exclusive partners commit to producing and selling their designs solely through BluFusion, while non-exclusive partners retain the flexibility to collaborate with other platforms or services. Even if you aren't selected for complimentary support, we won't let your creativity be stifled - we offer design services for a nominal fee of $30, which can be addressed upfront or deducted from your first month's payout.

A Partner

Please complete the form and if you have any questions Contact Us


As a Partner you will automatically be signed up for Affiliates and Scouts using the information provided.

For Questions or concerns or to opt out of affiliate or scout programs send us an email -

Want to fill the details manually in Affiliates and Scouts? Check their Forms below

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