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Discover Treasures, Transform lives

Discover a world of unique, handcrafted treasures. BluInfinity connects you to skilled artisans and innovative small businesses around the globe. Shop with purpose, support local economies, and find one-of-a-kind products you won't find anywhere else.

Empowering Small Businesses to Reach Global Markets

Imagine a world where the exquisite handmade jewelry from a village in India finds its way onto the wrist of a fashion enthusiast in New York. Or, where a family-owned spice company in Morocco shares its flavorful blends with chefs in restaurants across Canada. BluInfinity makes this vision a reality. We're your doorway to a world of undiscovered treasures, curated from the heart of small businesses, local factories, and passionate startups.

The Problem

The global marketplace should be a vibrant tapestry of unique products and passionate creators. However, challenges faced by small businesses and independent artisans often stifle this potential.

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The Dominance Of Big Brands

Big brands and mass production dominate the market, leaving little space for the exceptional creations of small-scale artisans.

Customers seeking unique, handcrafted items struggle to find them amongst the flood of generic, mass-produced goods, including those from low-quality dropshipping operations.

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Logistical Hurdles

Small businesses lack the resources to establish cost-effective international shipping networks.

Navigating complex customs regulations and export laws poses an overwhelming challenge.

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Limited Visibility

Without access to major markets or broad marketing channels, extraordinary products remain hidden from the customers who crave them.

Our Solution

Small businesses and independent artisans often dream of reaching a global audience. Yet, the complexities of international commerce can seem insurmountable. BluInfinity is the solution. We dismantle the barriers that stand between your exceptional products and eager customers worldwide.
Here's how we do it :

The BluInfinity Difference

And This is a Promise

BluInfinity is committed to battling the low-quality, mass-produced offerings that plague online marketplaces. We champion genuine craftsmanship and quality while empowering makers to reach a global audience, whether their creations are one-of-a-kind or produced in small, ethical batches.

The Bluinfinity Advantage

Focus on Your Passion

Forget the complex logistics and legal hassles. Concentrate on what you do best – creating incredible products.

Join the Movement

Join the BluInfinity movement! Together, let's create a more vibrant and connected world economy where small businesses flourish and unique products find their rightful place. Your investment empowers creators, builds communities, and sparks a ripple effect of economic opportunities.

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Perks for the backers

Every contribution makes a difference. By backing BluInfinity, you directly empower small businesses and create a ripple effect of positive change. Your support translates to sustainable livelihoods, thriving communities, and a more diverse and vibrant global market.

Discover & Delight

Be at the forefront of uncovering hidden gems from around the world. Your support brings you first access to one-of-a-kind products.

Monthly Curated Boxes

Experience a surprise package of the best that BluInfinity has to offer, delivered right to your door (various tiers available).

Make A Difference

Fuel economic growth, empower small businesses, and foster a diverse global marketplace. Your contribution creates a ripple effect of positivity.

Exclusive Investment Opportunities*

Back our campaign and unlock access to curated investments in top-performing BluInfinity businesses. Grow alongside the artisans you support and reap the rewards of their success.

*This exclusive investment opportunity is available only to backers on our website, not through Indiegogo. Please be aware that all investments carry risk and are subject to market fluctuations, negotiations with sellers/artists, and applicable laws and regulations. BluInfinity acts as your partner, working to mitigate potential hurdles and streamline the investment process.

Perk Tiers

Each and Every Penny

Our Undying gratitude. A heartfelt digital thank you note and exclusive Updates.

Treasure Hunter

$100-$199: 1 Standard Discovery Package + all previous tier rewards.



Artisan Advocate

$500-$750: 2 Deluxe Discovery Package + Special discount code + Bluinfinity Tshirt + 1 Special curated gift from a bluinfinity artisan

Visionary Leader

$1501-$2000: 9 Deluxe Discovery Package + Special discount code + Bluinfinity Hoodie + 1 Special curated gift from a bluinfinity artisan + Exclusive Investment Perk


Early Access Supporter

$25-$49: Special discount codes + curated digital guide highlighting unique finds on BluInfinity.

Global Wanderer

$200-$299: 1 Deluxe Discovery Package + Special discount code


Artisan Champion

$751-$999: 3 Deluxe Discovery Package + Special discount code + Bluinfinity Hoodie + 1 Special curated gift from a bluinfinity artisan + Exclusive Investment Perk

Founder's Circle

Limited to 10
$2000+ : 
12 Deluxe Discovery packages + BluInfinity Hoodie + Special Items + Special Discount Code + 1 Special Curated Gift from Bluinfinity Artisan + Early Access to Exclusive Investment Perk + Chance to talk and meet one of the Artisans.

Discovery Explorer

$50-$99: Special discount codes + Special curated Gifted from a BluInfinity Artisan

Artisan Supporter

$300-$499: 1 Deluxe Discovery Package + 1 Standard Discovery Package + Special discount code + Bluinfinity Tshirt

Global Impact Partner

$1000 - $1500: 6 Deluxe Discovery Package + Special discount code + Bluinfinity Hoodie + 1 Special curated gift from a bluinfinity artisan + Exclusive Investment Perk

What are Discovery Packages

Standard : A curated Selection of unique finds (Approx value $150+)

Deluxe : Everything in Standard + additional premium items, limited edition finds (Approx value $250+)

Join BluInfinity

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